People Solutions

As the competition for talent continues to increase, creating and implementing great people processes is a business imperative. We’re here to help lay the groundwork for your first several hires, and fine tune the process with you as you grow your team.

 Our services include:

  • Talent acquisition planning
  • Employment branding
  • Talent management planning
  • HR process and systems support
  • Vendor and system selection, implementation and management

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Fit for These Services?

If most of these statements apply to your company, we might be a good partner for you:

  • We continually hire for the same role or roles, and can’t seem to find the right person
  • Retaining and engaging our teams is getting harder
  • We don’t have a place to share and communicate why and how we do what we do internally
  • We have lots of vendors and partners for services, and I’m not sure who is really doing what
  • Our People Team is so busy with tactics that they can’t be strategic to support our growth