Professional Athlete Services

It’s the rare elite athlete that succeeds in the business world as an entrepreneur. Few business leaders have proven track records as professional athletes. At PowerVision, we not only understand the mindset of the elite and professional athlete, our co-founder and managing partner is one of the rare and accomplished elite to have successfully made such a transition. It is his knowledge and experience that allows us to be uniquely qualified to support you in your career path.

For more than a decade, Peter “Gold” Ezugwu delighted fans and challenged his teammates at a level of performance few can appreciate. His mental and physical discipline has enabled him to achieve a level of success in business in a short period of time that many aspire to. The good news for our clients is that much of what he has discovered and applied can be replicated. Are you ready to leave it all on the field of life and become a business owner and entrepreneur?

Professional Athlete Transition

You’ve lived a lifestyle that few can understand or appreciate. You had physical demands upon you. Time demands upon you. Your financial compensation afforded you a lifestyle that few get to enjoy. When the time comes to begin a new profession – what will do? The transition process for many is complicated and confusing. It doesn’t have to be.

PowerVision is here to be a partner – from helping you identify what you next career might look like, to vetting the best resources for managing your personal needs. Highly confidential and personalized, our services are unique to each individual. Contact us today to discuss what an engagement might look like.

Transition services include:

  • Elite mindset transition / career coaching
  • New business coaching
  • Concierge vetting for advisory services

The Recent College Graduate

Four years of focus and discipline has prepared your mind for amazing opportunities. It’s our role to help you identify where you want to take your dreams and create a roadmap of success with you.

  • Our program will focus on the following:
  • Solidifying your personal brand vision
  • Mindset coaching
  • Creating an action plan for your career path