4 Ways to Bring Drive and Engagement Back into your Company

October 20, 2017 Nicole Spracale

When spending time with clients, we are often told that its hard to find and keep talent engaged. It’s not uncommon to hear comments such as “no one has any work ethic anymore” or, “I just can’t seem to find people with any level of driven or commitment.”

I can certainly empathize. I remember times early in my career when I felt like members of my team didn’t care as much about a particular project as much as I did. Perhaps I even felt as if others lacked the level of drive and ambition that I felt for my role or company. The truth is, I know a large number of driven and hard working people. The problem isn’t a lack of great people available to fill roles in the workplace, it is a leadership problem. The question is how do organizations get to this place, and how can we help them move past this challenge and back towards creating an engaging and thriving culture that achieves dynamic results.

To start off – if we believe that those around us, be it employees or even applicants are all lacking something, then we must look in the mirror and ask if the real problem is: are we personally the one who is lacking? Our teams will model/behave what they see from us. If we are feeling less creative, not brining our “A” game to the office each day, etc… even if it subconscious, it will impact those around us through direct and indirect performance, and result in the ultimate downgrading of the entire group. This shows up in sales, product development, even our ability to attract and hire new talent.

What can you do if you suspect a trend like this building in your company? Here are four ideas to help you get back on track quickly:

  1. Mix it up! If you have small groups or teams across the organization, make a switch with a least one member of each group. The new perspective to the group will help with innovation and provide insights to all the projects at hand.
  2. Get out with your clients. Chances are you haven’t spent a bunch of face time with your clients lately. Go out talk to them like you did in the early days of the company – you’ll learn a lot from them, and it will bring you back to why you started the business in the first place.
  3. Re-engage with your staff. People want to work for a company and a CEO that has meaning to them, and that aligns with their purpose. They need to hear from you why you do what you do, and why they should be a part of it. When you take the time to be clear with your message, it will not only help you to be able to share it with your team, it will help you re-anchor it for yourself.
  4. Take time away. Yes, that is right – take a vacation. All too often we are burning the candle a both ends and it eats into our productivity and impacts our mindset. There is no way to be a high-functioning leader that inspires others when you are running on empty. Come back refreshed and relaxed – you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish.

There are great people, who are driven and ready to help you grow your company. They might be already working for you, or they might be your next applicant. Get into the right mindset and you will be able to leverage them, and your team, to accomplish your goals

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