8 Steps You Can Take To Hire and Keep Great People

January 6, 2019 Nicole Spracale

Running a company is hard work. Beyond the product and customer side of the equation – there is the hiring and keeping of you team piece. Never has that been more challenging than in the last year or two. As the unemployment rate continues to hover at an all time low, we are faced with the added challenge of increased competition in certain skills / industries, and more and more individuals who are willing to leave their employers after very short tenures for more competitive offers. If you are a small business or start-up, competing to hire or retain great people has never seemed so daunting!

What can you do make sure you aren’t falling too far behind? Here are 8 Steps You Can Take To Help Hire and Keep Great People:

 1.  Get really clear on WHY you do what you do and share the vision! 

Let’s face it, we spend an amazing amount of time at work. To get really engaged and driven by both the work we do and the place we do it, we need to believe in the vision. That comes from the CEO/Founder of the business. If you can be really clear on WHY you created the business, your purpose and vision for the company, and share that story with everyone you hire – it helps those around you get excited about living and driving the story alongside you!

2.  Have a goal that serves a bigger purpose.

Along with excitement for sharing in your story, people want to make a difference. Having a goal or purpose that what you’re doing each day can serve a bigger purpose makes work more fulfilling.

3.  Let the team be part of creating the path.

As you create yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly goals – let the team be party to creating what those look like and/or how you are going to get there. Find a way that makes sense for the business and their unique role to have them give input and share in the process.

4.  Make learning part of the job.

Sure, getting a paycheck for your work is great — we  also know that when people quit their jobs they talk about dissatisfaction from a lack of learning or growth on the job. Find ways to help people learn and grow inside their own role, and as individuals overall. It always pays dividends.

5.  Give everyone a voice.

The best way to keep your team happy is to give them opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. Provide different ways to share input, recognize contributions, and value the insights that come from every person on the team – small and large.

6.  Celebrate wins.

Winning is fun! Make sure you look for wins that can be celebrated at different times and in different ways. Most companies are really good at celebrating wins for sales teams – make sure you remember to celebrate wins that happen with your other teams too!

7.  Admit failures.

People appreciate honesty and value it leadership. When they see you admit a failure with grace, and show what you learn from it — it is endearing.

8.  Find your own path.

Finally, remember it isn’t about being just like company XYZ. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve created. The person you hired choose you for a reason. Stick to the values, purpose and vision you created and find ways to make that a stand out. Identify the unique offerings that work for your company and offer those, don’t spend money or time ones that don’t. Yes, some will be like XYZ, and some will be really special and just yours. This is your story – go out and build it!

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