Empowering Employees: 3 Steps Every Business Leader Should Be Taking Today

July 11, 2018 Guest Blogger

On occasion, we see a disconnect between the visions of executives or entrepreneurs and the actual work of their employees; maybe you have even seen or experienced this in your jobs in the past. The reasoning behind this disconnect often boils down to one thing: employees that do not feel empowered. When employees are empowered, it means they have responsibility and even autonomy in regards to the decision-making of their specific job. Luckily, a good leader can help employees become empowered by inspiring them to see a shared company vision which will then lead to the employees helping to accomplish the mission.

Top business magazines including Entrepreneur and Inc have published countless important articles about employee empowerment, often which include tips on how to accomplish this empowerment. There is a reason everyone is talking about it. Empowering your employees will reap positive benefits for your business as a whole because it has been shown that your business will grow because of the people who help drive it.

Develop a Culture of Communication

First, empower employees by creating a culture of communication. If your team members have the ability to work independently on their own projects, you need to trust that they will come talk to you if they need assistance or if they have any issues that could potentially disrupt your business. There are several ways to establish this communication channel. Potential ways include holding regular meetings, emphasizing an open-door policy, and conducting employee performance reviews. Most importantly, ensure you remain as honest and direct as possible and keep employees in the loop with major happenings in the business.

Allow Employees to Help Make Decisions

Second, get your employees involved in the decision-making process. It’s important to include employees in decisions whether it is simply getting their input on small tasks or even delegating entire projects. This will create a team atmosphere and show that leadership does not only fall on one person. In addition, it will show that you are encouraging all employees to put their best foot forward and it might even lead to unique ideas that you didn’t think of!

Show Employees That They Matter

Third and final, help your employees see where they stand in the bigger picture. Show them that the tasks and projects that they are working on will help accomplish the missions of the company. This can start the moment you hire an employee for a new position. With the initial training, you can make them aware of each of their responsibilities as well as describing how they are helping the company accomplish the mission. From there, it is best to keep employees focused on their tasks by setting individual and group goals. You can also keep them engaged by setting up friendly competitions or even incentive programs.


Of course, there are always additional ways to help become a leader and empower your employees. Ensure you are not micromanaging your team members; they need freedom to explore their creative side and solve their own problems. The more you empower your employees, the more potential they have to surprise you with positive outcomes in the entire business.

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