Define Your Future

Get Intense With Us.


How will you measure it? Your revenue for the year. The number of employees you have on your team. Number of followers. How much you got paid per endorsement. Is it the size of your bank account. Number of cars. How much you gave to charity.

Maybe you don’t even know how you want to define it?

Without a clear set of goals and vision for what you want to achieve, the likelihood of you and your business getting there is very, very small.

We’ll help you create a POWERFUL vision with a clear plan of action so you can have a tomorrow that’s not just better than today, you’ll create a legacy for the future. What are you waiting for?


90-minutes. We’ll de-construct the problem at hand and create an action plan to get you back on track and moving forward. This fast-paced working session is designed to get you through an immediate challenge and back on-track. This is about short-term sprints and get-real conversations. We bring our “A” game, and don’t pull punches. Are you ready to roll-up your sleeves and dive in?  Let talk:

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Best practices
  • Networking
  • What would you do?

We’ve got a method, and a system … pick our brain and let us push you forward!

90-minutes with Nicole or Peter, $500

Full Day Intensives

One-day, all-in.  Spend a full day with our team and reimagine your business from the ground up. Get ready create the foundation you need to accelerate your growth 2x-5x over the next 12-months. We’ll help you crystalize your vision and set a plan into motion that will drive success and amplify every facet of your business.

You’ll walk away with actionable plans around brand, product or people. Limited spaces available.