5 Key Learnings About the Impact of Talent Development on Organizations

July 13, 2018 Guest Blogger

Contributed by: Katie – Digital Content Editor

Employee learning is a key element in nurturing talent and driving organizations forward. That’s why findcourses.com surveyed over 100 L&D professionals from the U.S. to learn how their organizations are investing in talent, how they measure their impact, and what attitudes different levels in the organization hold about corporate learning.

They discovered several interesting insights and takeaways that may help you benchmark your own L&D department. For instance, the survey found that it was absolutely crucial for executives to buy in to L&D programs in order to ensure a staff engaged in workplace learning. It’s not always easy, of course, to get top management to understand the potential benefits, but by creating clear ways to calculate ROI, HR teams can show how critical L&D programs are to a company’s success.

See the graphic below for more key takeaways and check out the full 2018 L&D Survey to read about even more insights.


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